340 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cessna 335, 340, 340A. Due to space limitations inherent in the design of the Cessna 303 and Cessna 310 it is not possible to install the dual strake STC. As such, we have ceased pursuing these models for amendment to our STC and have no future plans to amend them to our STC.

Yes. The Dual Strake Kit does not have any restrictions listed for the STC. Should you have winglets and/or vortex generators, then your aircraft will see the same improvements in flight in addition to any structural improvements the aircraft has already received.

The total weight of the kit without additional painting is approximately 7.8 lbs. Since every 400 series aircraft produced by Cessna was built by hand, we find that every aircraft, even within a particular model, is slightly different from one another. With this consideration in mind, we have found that the strakes have a nominal effect on C.G., increasing C.G. (ARM) by approximately 0.003 – 0.005%.

Installing the STC requires a mechanic who has previous experience in aircraft structure and relentless attention to detail, as with any STC you install on your aircraft. We strongly recommend having the STC installed by any of the Experienced Installers List of F.B.O.’s listed on the map in our “Where To Buy” section of this website. We certainly do not want to exclude new F.B.O.’s looking to install our product, so should your F.B.O. be interested in becoming an installer of our product, please have them contact us.

The dual strakes modification is approved by  the FAA and EASA. Any F.B.O. in a country outside of the continental United States that accepts either an FAA approved STC or EASA approved STC may install the strakes following the safety regulations of its country. Most countries acknowledge either the FAA STC or the EASA STC including Australia. Click here for more information on EASA SRO member countries.

The install process for the 340 kit is a much less involved process than for the 400 series strakes. Additional structure does not need to be added to the empennage meaning the Cessna 335/340/340A strakes align with the entire length of the aircraft’s stringers making for simpler more straight-forward install procedure. Provided that you have the STC installed by any of the F.B.O.’s listed as experienced installers, the installation process should take approximately 30 hours. This approximation does not consider additional painting, nor does it consider re-locating antennas or other previously installed equipment, and assumes a two-person install crew.

The strakes are shipped with a coat of standard aviation primer green and once installed are ready to be painted your aircraft’s colors by your F.B.O. We are offering Matterhorn White and Polished Aluminum for an additional fee and in limited quantities.