441 Series

cessna 441 series strakes

General Information

Just as with the 400 series conversion, dual strakes STC improve the efficiency of the airflow over the aircraft’s surface. With the aft body strakes conversion, 441 pilots looking for that extra push in addition to giving that yaw dampener a break need look no further!

Building on the same foundation that started the 400 series strakes in 2003, the 441 series amendment process launched in fall of 2008. Due to higher speeds that can be achieved from a turboprop aircraft, a comprehensive re-evaluation of our STC was required by the FAA. And upon its approval in August of 2009 we’ve been able to offer the same benefits that the strakes provide for all other 400 series aircraft to the Cessna 441 as well.

Since physical principles of the strake conversion apply to 401- 425 series aircraft, we expected the strakes to yield close to identical results. Not only was the speed increase a proven success during our flight tests but aircraft stability was significantly improved as well. While undergoing flight testing and basic flight the use of rudder control and yaw damping had significantly reduced. In addition, the strakes aide in the reduction of side-to-side load to the vertical stabilizer. 

With a 4 – 6 knot increase to an aircraft that can fly around and above the 300 knot mark you’ll be confident flying the skies knowing your 441 isn’t just faster…it’s safer! 


Fly With Peace Of Mind

As with all pilots, safety is the No. 1 priority. With an increased safety margin in emergency engine failure, you’ll be flying with the peace of mind that your aircraft has better response and improved stability in single-engine operation. 

How Strakes Affect Airflow

Streamlined Airflow Yields Results

Pilots notice right after lift off just how much of a difference the strakes make. Not only do the strakes lower the aircraft’s stall speed by a few knots, but they also significantly improve yaw stability. Additionally, you’ll notice that with the strake conversion your aircraft’s rate of climb has improved as well. As soon as your 400 series Cessna reaches cruising altitude the improvement in airflow that the strakes provide do all the work for you. With the reduction in drag we’re confident you’ll be pleased when you arrive at your destination earlier, with more fuel on board and money having been saved!