Kyle Scott: Piper Cheyenne I Pilot

For over 2 years I looked for a cabin class Twin Cessna (a 340, 421,414), and through my research one of the must haves were aft fuselage strakes from APM. The testimonials concerning the single engine increased performance alone made them the #1 mod on my wish list. (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

Rick McGuire: Cessna 340A Pilot

I am a 17,000 hours pilot and have been flying since 1969. I have airline experience and have been a 135 chief pilot. I have had a CFI-AIM since the 70’s. You name it, I’ve flown it.

I am going to address first the yaw factor elimination involved with the 340. Without the strakes, I continually worked on eliminating the yaw for passenger comfort. (Constant rudder input). As you probably are aware, the longer the aircraft the longer the aircraft the (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

Jerry Temple: President of Jerry Temple Aviation & Cessna Pilot

I sold a 1980 340A RAM VI to a great customer from Mexico.  We did some training Prior to DFW Aero Mechanix (Juan Oviedo) installing strakes and then another trip.  I flight plan 190KT and tell customer to expect at 65% in the high teens/low twenties to expect 190-202KT. We got 4-8 kts better with strakes. Photos attached of before (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

George Baker: Cessna 340A Pilot

One year ago my brother George and I purchased N3936G, a 1977 Cessna 340A with RAM 6, and have since put about 250 hours on it while working out the squawks and upgrades along the way. We use the aircraft primarily for business purposes and fly 250 to 500 nautical miles for trips between Oregon, Washington, and California. We typically carry two to three people on board on any given trip and cruise between 190 (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

Gene Cernan: Cessna 421B Pilot & Apollo XVII Commander

First, your design, development and installation of the strakes were extremely professional. The quality of your work is uncontestable and something I sincerely appreciate. Although the precise airspeed advantage gained with the strakes depends upon the weight, power setting, temperature, etc as well as pilot technique, I can (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

Jerry Kroese: Cessna 425 Conquest Pilot

As the pilot for a small corporation flying the Cessna 425 Conquest, I am pleased to offer a positive testimonial to Mr. Steve Hinckley and Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc. In March 2008 after installing the Dual Strakes supplied by Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc. I noticed a definite 8 – 10 knot increase in indicated airspeed upon (Click to Read Full Testimonial)

Barry Farrah: Cessna 441 Conquest II Pilot

Most notable has been the improvement in the stability of the aircraft from the perspective of passengers. I have passengers who regularly were in the aircraft before the strakes were installed. Upon their first flight after the strakes were installed they conveyed to me that it felt more stable. This was primarily noticed on short final. They do not know how to say this, but basically they are noticing a more stable aircraft after I (Click to Read Full Testimonial)