340 Series

cessna 340 series strakes

General Information

You can now add the dual strake modification to your Cessna 335, Cessna 340, or Cessna 340A. As with the dual strake modification for the Cessna 400 series, the dual strake for Cessna 335/340/340A streamlines the airflow under the empennage of the aircraft which results in decreased drag, a safer more stable flight, and an increase of 4 – 6 knots. While results in improved airspeed vary pilot to pilot and aircraft to aircraft, the added safety factor that you’ll receive from adding dual strakes to your 335/340/340A is unwavering.

With the dual strake kit from Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc. added to your Cessna 335/340/340A you’ll be in the air knowing that your aircraft has been modernized with an airframe addition that is now a standard design feature in most cabin-class aircraft being manufactured today. Greatly reducing the amount of adverse yaw doesn’t just equate to a more comfortable flight for you and your passengers. It equates to addressing a paramount concern for any diligent and experienced pilot — safety. Equipping your aircraft with strakes, one of the most up-to-date safety features on the market, provides an unequivocal sense of safety and control.

Be Prepared

Just because your trusty Cessna 335/340/340A continues to fly around the block and back does not mean that it should not have all the safety products on the market as possible. The dual strake modification for your Cessna 335/340/340A is a proven and inexpensive way to improve your aircraft’s safety and performance. In fact, they cost far less than a glass Nav/Com/GPS system. However, unlike a trendy new electronics upgrade, your strakes will never become outdated or obsolete. They’ll be just as effective 20 years from now as the day you have them installed.

How Strakes Affect Airflow

A Streamlined Airflow Yeilds Results

Increased rate of climb, decreased stall speed, lower overall flight time, lower overall fuel costs, and a 4 – 6 knot speed increase. It is no wonder that strakes are a standard design feature in today’s cabin-class aircraft and on most military aircraft. Simply put, strakes work.¬†With the dual strake kit added to your Cessna 335/340/340A you’ll always be flying a safer aircraft and benefit from the increased performance they provide. Best of all they’ll never become obsolete or outdated.