Decrease Drag - Improve Airspeed - Save Fuel - Increase Stability

Cessna 340 Series

See about adding the dual strake modification to your Cessna 335, 340, or 340A. The dual strake streamlines the airflow under the empennage of the aircraft, resulting in decreased drag, a safer flight, and an increase of 4-6 knots.

Cessna 400 Series

Cessna 400 Series

Get an increase of 4-7% in airspeed with our Cessna 400 Series strakes. Located on the under-surface and aft of the pressurized bulkhead, APM’s Aft Body Strake Conversion reduces drag incurred during flight.

Cessna 441 Series

Cessna 441 Series

Have an aircraft that’s not just faster, but is also safer by adding strakes to your Cessna 441. With dual strakes STC, the efficiency of the airflow over the aircraft’s surface is improved and gives that extra push 441 pilots are looking for.

Piper Series

With strakes located on the under-surface and aft of the pressurized bulkhead of a Piper Series aircraft, experience reduced drag during flight due to increased pressure under the empennage.

Aircraft Performance Modification, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality products and services designed to promote aviation safety and preserve fuel and resources while respecting pilot/owner time and knowledge.

  • Safer Single-Engine Operation
  • Gain 8-10 Knots (Cessna 400 Series) *
  • Gain 4-6 Knots (Cessna 340 Series) *
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Increased Yaw Stability
  • Increased Rate of Climb
  • Decrease in Stall Speed
  • Lower Overall Flight Time
  • Aerial Photography & Stability

* Typical Results. Actual TAS results may vary.

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Our Satisfied Customers

Kyle Scott: Piper Cheyenne I Pilot

For over 2 years I looked for a cabin class Twin Cessna (a 340, 421, 414), and through my research one of the must haves were aft fuselage strakes from APM. The testimonials concerning the single engine increased performance alone made them the #1 mod on my wish list.

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Rick McGuire: Cessna 340A Pilot

I am a 17,000 hours pilot and have been flying since 1969. I have airline experience and have been a 135 chief pilot. I have had a CFI-AIM since the 70’s. You name it, I’ve flown it.

I am going to address first the yaw factor elimination involved with the 340. Without the strakes, I continually worked on eliminating the yaw for passenger comfort. 

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