Kyle Scott Testimonial

Kyle Scott: Piper Cheyenne I Pilot

     For over 2 years I looked for a cabin class Twin Cessna (a 340, 421,414), and through my research one of the must haves were aft fuselage strakes from APM. The testimonials concerning the single engine increased performance alone made them the #1 mod on my wish list.

     My aircraft purchasing went a different direction, when frustrated with not finding a Twin Cessna to my liking, I instead purchased a 1981 Piper Cheyenne I. After agreeing to the purchase I was delighted to learn that Steve at APM had just received the STC to put their Strakes on the Cheyenne series of aircraft. I immediately ordered strakes from APM before I even had the airplane picked up!

     I flew the airplane for over a month while I waited for APM to receive the full certification needed for install. I believe my airplane was the first Cheyenne 1 to have them installed. I am seeing a large reduction in yaw to the point that I forget to turn the yaw damper on, climb performance has increased, and I am seeing a 7 to 9 knot increase in cruise speed. APM strakes continue to be the #1 mod on my list!

Kyle Scott
Co Fire Aviation, Inc.